Shanon Paar

For Shanon of, The Spifi Foundation living life is about the journey and finding ways to provide random acts of kindness. Overcoming tragedy in life and fighting for others who can’t help themselves, their is no other way of living

Her childhood had “an absence of light,” she says, growing up in an environment where Sex, Drugs, & Rock N Roll were the norm. Tortured to live through 8 years of  S.R.A. and their sex rings. She spent a season of her life in foster care and an emergency shelter.

“You are who you choose to be,” she declares. Developing a relationship with Jesus Christ has giving her a greater ability to cope with the many daily obstacles that come with the territory.

In 2012, she formed and began the SPIFI journey herself, also known as The SPIFI Foundation, a non-profit charity organization whose motto is “Helping people help people.”

She organizes several fundraisers per year which help the Homeless Vets, foster children, Autism, Animals, PTSD, Vets and other charities in her communities.

Shanon is a vibrant, optimistic soul who longs to see others receive whatever they need to thrive. She now refuses to let any challenge keep her from participating in the Lord’s loving work of caring for His children, and nothing can shake her trust in Him. “The mercy of God is a fresh rose every day,” she says.

Please find her projects posted on www.justserve.org by typing in zip code 85205. You can reach Shanon by contacting SPIFI.Me2@gmail.com